Christmas can be one of the loneliest times of the year....or a time of great LOVE!

What is it like to face Christmas when living in poverty? What are the thoughts of the parents? Do they try to explain to their children why Santa won't be coming to their house this year? How do they cope with not having enough food to have a Holiday meal? Is Christmas Special to the poor?

Once we were visiting in a home of a very poor family in the Ukraine and they had a child who had only one "toy" to play with. It was a piece of yarn about a foot long. That child would play with the yard by dragging it through his fingers, making it curl up in a ball, and then make it move like a snake. The child's imagination was amazing and he spent hours playing with his piece of yarn. There was very little food in the house, and the house was cold. The mom had abandoned her son and was living a life of prostitution and the father was a pastor of a church raising his son alone.

One might think at first glance that the home was filled with sorry and despair, but in the days that we stayed in that home, there was much joy and laughter and times of rich conversation about life and love. Even though this child had nothing to play with but his little string of yarn, he had a very valuable gift, a father who genuinely cared for him. He cooked and cleaned and took care of him with such a great sense of humor, and expressions of love. The meals were simple but they were meals of love. The two of them were inseparable.

So, in the homes of people who live in poverty, many times you will find some of the purest most valuable treasures found in the hearts of those who live there. Those types of treasures are only found in people who LOVE and express their love through their words, their laughter and their deeds.

My husband and I had such great JOY as we shopped for this little boy to buy him some toys, and to grocery shop for them to have some delicious meals.

We invite you to help us make that possible this year in lives of a family or families living in poverty right here in your city. Adopting a family for Christmas for only $25, you will experience your heart filled with JOY too. Donate on this website $25 to Adopt your family.

Merry Christmas! Orlando and JoAnn Reyes

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