As we went through the Christmas Season, I was reminded that there is something "thrilling" in HOPEFUL expectation. This isn't the type of hope when facing an obstacle and someone encourages them with a word of hope....and they reply"I hope so"...That really isn't hope at all. It is discouragement and HOPELESSNESS.

Real HOPE has an element of expectation that causes the heart to rise up in faith with a "Thrilling" anticipation that the person is expecting to happen when they overcome their obstacles.

HOPE that changes lives is married to FAITH, because FAITH is the substance of things HOPED for. (Hebrews 11:1"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." What is SUBSTANCE? It is the foundation under the house that the house is built on. Faith is the God given ownership and the power that supports your hopes, received prior to your taking full possession.

So as someone builds their home they must first have the architectural plans designed on paper and the design is filled with the THRILL of HOPE of what that house is going to be like when it is finished.

When they start building the house, they first start by pouring the foundation. It takes faith to pour the foundation according to the plans because the house is "unseen". But you can't have a HOUSE built without a foundation.

So HOPE is the architectural plans of the house and ultimately manifested in a house, ..but the plans are executed by FAITH when they start pouring the foundation. All of the house stands on the foundation....which is poured in faith.

All of us are thinking about 2019. What do we want to accomplish this year?Let's go to the drawing board and put our HOPES down on paper ....draw up our plans, and then take our plans and pour the foundation (faith) that is the "assurance" that the house has the support necessary to build the house. Without the foundation (faith) there is no assurance that the house (hope) will stand.

Faith is the God given ownership of your foundation that our hopes are built on and we take full possession of our hopes as we actively build the them into realities.

What a THRILL of HOPE as we watch the foundation (Faith) being poured and the house (Hope) erected. But it all happens because of FAITH and HOPE is being lived out in the hearts of those who dare to dream.

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