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About Fort Worth Hope Center


Thank you for visiting us 

My name is JoAnn Reyes, and I am the President and Co-Founder of the Fort Worth Hope Center. Since 2002, we have aimed to serve the DFW area by providing families with food and support. With the grace of God, my husband, Orlando Reyes, and I started this center after a tragic tornado swept through Fort Worth in 2002. We wanted to do something for the community and take in people who genuinely needed help.

Through our various services, we have seen struggling citizens around Fort Worth grow to become brighter people. People come to our center, hungry for hope. People can come to take educational classes to help them discover their true potential and get back on their feet. Any support from volunteer work or donations is greatly appreciated. And I cannot thank our donors enough for all they have provided us, and the future steps they are willing to take. Our volunteers understand that here at Fort Worth Hope Center, we are providing people with the skills and the opportunity to find their purpose in life. Whether they want to be a construction worker, a baker or a better parent to their children, they can find all of that and more at the Fort Worth Hope Center. God bless the people in our community that want to do something to help those in need.



JoAnn Reyes, President and Co-Founder 


Our Vision

The Fort Worth Hope Center inspires hope and provides resources for children and families to build happy, healthy, successful lives and communities. We want the people who come here to feel genuinely accepted and loved.


Our Mission

The Fort Worth Hope Center "Fights hunger and Feeds hope" in the Dallas/Fort Worth area by helping people who live in low income communities have a "Place to go for HOPE".  HOPE for finding food to feed their families, and HOPE for developing vocational skills and certifications which allow them to find meaningful employment and become self-sufficient.  


This is done by collaborating with community businesses and organizations to provide:

  • Food Distribution programs 

  • Vocational Training and Certifications 

  • Job placement

  • Access to medical services

Our Values

  • Honor, love, and accept people for who they are.

  • Operate with integrity as good stewards of public trust and resources.

  • Know that the potential for success lies within the hearts of all people.

  • Recognize that everyone deserves respect and opportunities for a better life.

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