One of our biggest needs to help FWHC is to have scholarship money for our students to be able to earn their certifications for good jobs.   

      Of course it takes money to operate our school to maintain the forklifts and to pay for our instructors.  Plus to advertise and that this training that is available.   

     We need funds for our Dental Clinic so we can get it reopened.  Currently we are waiting on funding so we can serve more people by restoring their smiles. It is very expensive to run a dental clinic so your donations will make such a big difference in the lives of  people whose smiles have been destroyed by broken or missing teeth. 


      This is a wonderful opportunity to use your finances to change the life of a person as you provide funding to restore their smile.  Replacing missing or broken teeth makes it possible for people to overcome the emotional and physical drain on their self confidence as they try to face a job interview.  Can you imagine going in for a job interview with missing front teeth?  Very difficult to get the employer to overlook that to see your value.


      We need funding to have adequate staff for the Food Distribution Center so we can receive and give out the food that is distributed each week.  Last year we distributed food to over 256,000 individuals and provided over $4.5 million value of food. We have many volunteers, but we have to have a core staff to run the daily operations.  So if you want to be directly involved in "Feeding the Hungry" as outlined in Matt. 25 when Jesus asked us to feed the unto HIM.  then support us financially so we can have an adequate staff to care for those in need.


      Pastor Orlando and I do not take a salary from the Fort Worth HOPE Center, all the proceeds goes directly to serve our clients and to hire staff and instructors to teach our classes.  So your donations will go directly into the work that SERVES our people.   

      We are looking for partners that will be supporters who are committed to help giving HOPE to the HOPELESS on a monthly basis by providing an automatic withdrawal monthly from your account to support the poor.


      How will you benefit?  You will benefit with a new JOY in your life that you are making a difference in the lives of the Poor as you provide financial means for them to experience the "Thrill of HOPE" that they can  provide for their families. 


      You are also covered with a wonderful promise from Ps. 41:1  "Oh, the Joys are those who are KIND to the poorThe Lord will deliver them in TIMES of TROUBLE."  So if trouble comes your have a promise from the Lord that He has your back...and will protect you as you walk though your "trouble" knowing He is delivering you. 

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