New York Artist – Alex Gardega – has ART Show at Fort Worth HOPE Center to encourage Children’s ART!

Fort Worth HOPE Center
“Feeding HOPE” for Voiceless Children
                Alex Gardega
             Renown New York Artist  is coming to 
            Fort Worth HOPE Center March 22 -23, 2014
Alex Gardega
Alex Gardega and 
Robert Ballance Art Show
Alex Gardega has been a  professional Fine Artist, Muralist, Glass Artist and Illustrator for over twenty years. His art is collected worldwide and his clients have included Mariano Rivera, Donald Trump, The Chrysler Building, Natural History Museum and many others. He recently had a piece in The Museum of Berlin, and has studied with the Famous Norwegian paint Odd Nerdrum in Norway. He continues to take on Mural and glass installation commission as well as focus on his own personal visions which includes paintings as well as inventions.In New York City virtually everyone touches Alex Gardega’s art.  All the painting that appear on the telephone Yellow Page covers are his.  He is a sought-after painter, glass etcher and glass carver.  He says his inspiration began in Cleburne, TX where he spent his childhood.  He was a child prodigy artist that his mother discovered when he was only 2 years old.  All he wanted to do was to draw and create pictures and at the age of 8 his gift began to have a VOICE when his mother took him to a famous local artist, Leonard Schallawitz, and asked him to allow Alex to attend his adult art classes. At first Schallawitz didn’t want to let Alex be part of the class because he was only eight years old.  However when he saw his art he realized he was extremely talented and agreed to accept him in the class. He said: “If Alex continues to develop his talent, he can’t help but become one of the truly great artists”.  

 His family moved to Long Island when he was 12. Alex said:  ”I hated high school.  It was a bunch of rich kids, a sports school where art was not important.  I wasted my time there – art is all I’ve ever cared about.” “I moved to New York in my 20′s without a single connection and no money.  The day after I got there I sold my first piece of art – a glass carving for $10,000.  That’s the piece I’m most proud of because everyone told me not to move to the city, but my mom was an angel and always believed in me more than anyone in the world.” 

He taught himself how to glass etch and glass carve so he could earn money to attend the School  of Visual Art.  ”I became one of the better etchers  and it helped me make money so I could paint and draw which was what I really loved to do.”  I’ve etched the elevator panels in the Chrysler Building in New York City and all the benefactors names at the Natural History Museum.  Those will be there long be their after I’m gone.” “Right now I’m etching five very large windows at St. Joseph for a mausoleum-cemetery in New York.” 

“I slept on park benches in the beginning and the dues I paid were very heavy.  Those things were gifts from God. You will never learn anything about yourself if your career is handed to you.  Adversity builds character and reveals the face behind the mask.”  (quotes from Cleburne Time Review 10/3/10) Alex Gardega and Robert Ballance (V.President on the FW Hope Center’s Board) are having an Art Show to raise awareness and money to open an art school for children who have a gift in art, but have no VOICE or place to express it.  Robert Ballance was  studied with Leonard Schallawitz when he was 12 years old.  Ten (10) years later, Alex studied with Schallawitz when he was only 8 years old.  Robert found out about Alex studying with Shallawitz through an article in the Cleburne Times Review two years ago and began trying to connect with him.  

There was no response to e-mail until Robert mentioned Leonard Schallawitz. Alex and Robert began to communicate and realize they both have a desire to provide a place where gifted artistic children can find a place for their “voice” to be heard like they found in Schallawitz.  

 Alex and Robert are now making plans to develop and open an Art School for artistically gifted children called “Hope Art” which will be displayed in an art gallery called  ”Shining Light Studio”.  They are wanting to bring a shining light into the lives of children who feel they are in darkness because they haven’t had a place for their light to shine.

 Please don’t miss this opportunity to meet Alex and Robert and get their autographs come Saturday March 22 and Sunday afternoon March 23nd. If you want to purchase some of their art it will be available and the funds will be used to start their art school.  Many of you will want to get involved in supporting this program and you will have a great opportunity to talk to them personally.  

 Time:   Sat. March 22, 10:00 -2:0   Sun. March 23,  1:00 – 4:00 

Place: Fort Worth HOPE Center

  3625 E. Loop 820 S

         Fort Worth , TX  76119


Re-Creating Sistine Chapel
Renaissance Painting
Renaissance Paintings
Glass Carving
Glass Etching
Creating Trading Cards
Creating Covers for Yellow Pages
Alex & Mariano Rivera
Painted portrait of Mariano Rivera
New York Yankees
Sold for $7000 and donated it to a non-profit in NY
Adversity builds character and reveals the face behind the mask”
Alex Gardega




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Not just a hand OUT…. but a hand UP!

A Recipe for HOPE in Culinary Art Classes 

School of HOPE

Culinary Art School Certifications

Now students can earn  ServSafe Manager Certification and many other certifications in our Culinary Art School which has been approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.

The Dallas Fort Worth Area has many jobs in the food industry if individuals have earned ServSafe Certifications and other certification for various areas of the food industry.

The Fort Worth HOPE Center’s Culinary Art School is offering the following classes which is our New Recipe for HOPE!

Proctor and instructor 2ServSafe Manager Certification is a national food safety certification that is required for all managers in the food industry.  All of our students will graduate with a ServSafe Manager Certification so that they can be promoted easily into management positions as they move up in their positions on their jobs.

Classes and Certifications

1. Front of the House (Hosting and Hospitality Certification)

Waiter serving food in restaurant5 Best Kansas City Restaurants(1)






2. Banqueting and Catering Certification

Yellow Banquet 2013

Banquet serving line





3.Institutional Food Services Certification







4. Garde Manger – Creative Food Art Certification

Garde manger 5pomegranate apple pear salad

Garde Manger6





5. Cake Decorating I, II, and III Certification

Cake Decorating 1JPGimagesfondant wedding cake flowers





The Fort Worth HOPE Center offers a  ”hand UP” to individuals who attend and graduate from our classes at The School of HOPE.  We “Fight hunger and Feed HOPE” in more ways than ONE.  We “fight hunger” by giving out over $3,500,000 of food each year….we “feed HOPE” through our School of HOPE training where  students earn various certifications that prepares them for the a good job in the workforce.  The Fort Worth HOPE Center doesn’t give just a hand out…but a hand UP!

Call Fort Worth HOPE Center to set an appointment to enroll:  817-451-6288.  Some individuals will qualify for funding through the Texas Workforce.  Our Staff will assist students in pre-qualification and in helping them apply for Texas Workforce Funding. But those who don’t qualify for this funding needs YOUR help.  What a JOY to give a HAND UP to an individual who is struggling to get out of poverty!  Send a student today…we have over 90 students waiting for funding to attend these classes.  We need YOUR gift today to give these students a HAND UP!


Program Information               PACKAGES                       SPONSORS        Training-Manual

School of Culinary Arts Staff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               download




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America: Return to the High Road

Many people have asked why Patty and I are committed to volunteering at the Hope Smile Center. We believe that many of our nation’s problems can be attributed to the growth of government welfare and the subsequent decline in private charity. For more information, please click on the “America” link below.

W. Laurence Oliver, DDS


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A Day of Hunger in America

A child who hasn’t eaten all day.

Article By: Feed The Children (used with permission)

No school means no free meals allsummer long. And for thousands of kids across America, that means no lunch — and probably no breakfast — because their parents simply can’t afford it. What’s it like for these kids to go hungry all day long? Let’s take a look . . .

8:00 am Waking up: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for growing kids. Without breakfast provided by schools, kids don’t get to eat. They have no energy to run or play because they don’t have anything in their stomachs.

10:00 am Morning: By this time, hunger pangs start to set in. A growling stomach isn’t just embarrassing in front of other kids, it’s unhealthy. And the longer it lasts, the more lethargic these kids become.

Every Child needs to know they are LOVED

12:00 pm Noon: This is when these kids would normally enjoy a healthy school lunch. But this summer, there is no lunch. By now, kids can’t think of anything but when their next meal will be.

“I got three boys and they eat like three boys. And when there’s nothing in there, they ask what to do. And I have no clue. We just try to figure out what we’re going to eat today.”

Hunger hurts. You can help!

4:00 pm Afternoon: Afternoon snack time comes and goes, and the hunger gets worse. “I hope dinner comes soon,” kids tell themselves. “I don’t know how much longer I can last.”

6:00 pm Evening: By now, parents are usually home from work and preparing dinner. But it’s never enough — not when you have eaten little or nothing all day.

8:00 pm Bedtime: Sleep should bring an end to the day’s nagging hunger. But most kids end up going to bed hungry, and don’t get restful sleep — especially knowing that they’ll get up tomorrow and repeat the same cycle all over again.

There are 52 long days of summer left.

(End of story)

Children love to  come to FW HOPE Center!

Children watching food being put in their car at the FW HOPE Center.

There is nothing like seeing the JOY on the faces of our children who come with their parents as they pick up their food. Last year the FW HOPE Center provided food for over 40,500 children. The summer time is their greatest need.

Donate today and help us feed the children this summer. Your donation will help us give a week of groceries to families struggling to feed their children.

Would you like to help? Click here 

Every $1 you give will be stretched to provide $5 worth of food for children without adequate food. 

“O, the JOY of those who are KIND to the POOR! ” Ps. 41:1


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MIRACLES are happening in Hope SMILE Center!


JoAnn Reyes, Jamie Phillips, Dr. Laurence Oliver and Pastor Orlando Reyes prepare for the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Grand Opening of the Hope SMILE Center. Dec. 2012.

Miracles have been happening at The Hope SMILE Center since the Grand Opening in Dec. 2012.  It took over 3 years to get it all ready and thanks to Dr.Laurence Oliver and his close friend, Jamie Phillips, all the furniture, fixtures and equipment (X Ray machines etc.) were donated through various dentists throughout the metroplex.

The final donation came when a $30,000 grant was donated from TCU Honor’s Class – The Nature of Giving, which provided all the surgical tools and various equipment to open the Center.



Dr.Laurence Oliver says his favorite day of the week is working in the Hope SMILE Center, caring for the individuals who have lost their Smiles… and helping them find their confidence to smile again.

Dr. Oliver creating a NEW SMILE!

Most  people can’t imagine what it would be like to have to cope day in and day out with  missing, rotting teeth and bad breath (as a result of gum disease).   Many low-income individuals  experience pain and discomfort that accompanies such decay, yet are not  able to afford going to the dentist for treatment.  The Hope SMILE Center is the only non-profit dental center in Fort Worth that gives New SMILES by replacing teeth.

Patients that are seen at the Hope SMILE Center tell the staff that they have suffered with the pain for years and had lost hope of ever living pain free and having their smile restored.  They share how difficult it is to find employment because of their appearance.  One of the missions of the Hope SMILE Center is helping individuals find meaningful employment as a result of getting a beautiful SMILE.

They struggle with embarrassment over bad breath from gum disease and from the missing and broken teeth. Many have lost their dream of ever finding employment again.  In a sense, it is as if they were trapped by their own body and unable to confidently engage in normal conversation with others.  And if they do, they often hold their hand over their mouth when they speak in order to cover the ugliness and shame an of their teeth.

The pain and shame of losing your teeth and you can’t afford to get them repaired.

Now She has a beautiful new Smile.



Before(left) Louise was in pain and had lost hope of ever finding employment because of the condition of her mouth.

Afterward: (right) she has a beautiful new SMILE with new HOPE for a bright future.


George suffered for many years.


MIRACLES are  happening in the lives of so many people at The HOPE Center as Dr. Oliver creates beautiful SMILES that transforms their lives.  Meet George:  He had suffered with pain for over 10 years with broken and missing teeth.  He is homeless yet he faithfully comes every week to the Fort Worth HOPE Center and volunteers to put food in the cars of families who come on food distribution day to pick up their food.

He was recommended by the Fort Worth HOPE Center to receive a NEW Smile and now he has a beautiful new SMILE that lighten up the room when he walks in.   He is so thankful for this miracle of his new smile.  It is a testimony to all who meet him of the blessing of God on his life as he served others, God blessed him with a SMILE. Even though he had great need himself, he faithfully volunteers to serve others.

George has volunteered for years at The HOPE Center….now he has a beautiful new smile..

What JOY comes in the lives of all of us as we witness the miracles at the Hope SMILE Center. These smiles are life changing not only for those who receive them but also for those  who witness the transformation it makes for those who receive them.

Self esteem is restored and HOPE bubbles up in the hearts of all who are experience receiving a new smile and in those who witness it. What an exciting time it is around Fort Worth HOPE Center as we all rejoice with the many who are finding new HOPE of a better future because of  their beautiful New Smiles.

The Hope SMILE Center is only open one day a week at this time. But as more Dentists volunteer it will be open 5 days a week as they join with Dr. Oliver in this wonderful adventure and expand the clinic’s efforts to be used by God to bring HOPE to the HOPELESS.




Come by and visit Dr. and Mrs. Oliver (Patty) and their Dental Assistant, Melissa Bradley

Patty Oliver serves along side her husband, Dr. Laurence Oliver, at the HOPE SMILE Center.

How Can YOU help? 

Volunteer your time as a Dentist or Dental Hygienist. Dr Oliver donates one day a week to create new SMILES . He is looking for other Dentist and Dental Hygienist to join him in this incredible adventure of Changing LIVES.   Please call today!  There are hundreds on the waiting list …..Dr. Oliver needs your help.

 JoAnn Reyes:  The Fort Worth HOPE Center  3625 E. Loop 820 S., Fort Worth, TX  76119

Email:                     Email:

Hope SMILE Center is located in the Fort Worth HOPE Center: 3625 E. Loop 820 S. Fort Worth, TX  76119.  

Phone: 617-396-4673 or 617-396 – HOPE



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Hundreds Come for Food Every Week


Families struggling to feed their families come for HELP.

Who comes to The HOPE Center for Food?  Hundreds of families come EVERY WEEK.

  • Families whose income are near the poverty level -
  • Many grandmothers looking for ways to feed their grandchildren
  • Disable Veterans often homeless
  • Disabled Seniors on fixed income
  • Unemployed looking for jobs
  • Individuals in re-entry Prison programs, looking for a new start.
  • Single parents – with low income jobs supporting their families
  • College students trying to break through the cycle of poverty
  • School of HOPE Students – getting their GED and Vocational Certifications
  • People looking for HOPE in the middle of Crisis.

All of our families’ income are near poverty level and they are finding HOPE at The HOPE Center as we “Fight Hunger and Feed HOPE”.

“For the needy will not be forgotten forever; the HOPES of the poor will not always be crushed”. Ps. 9:18




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BNSF makes $90,000 in-kind Donation to The Fort Worth HOPE Center

BNSF Donates incredible High-Density Expandable Mobile Storage Shelving and Racking System to The Fort Worth HOPE Center

John Leonardson, director of operations, The Fort Worth HOPE Center, receives in-kind donation from Jim Obermiller, director of corporate support and compliance, BNSF Railway, and Mitch Starnes, Technology Services, BNSF Railway

BNSF Railway’s donation of this expandable mobile shelving and rack system provides an extensive range of exceptional storage solutions for The Fort Worth HOPE Center. Because it has both rolling and stationary functions it has many advantages compared to conventional shelving.

Crews help assemble and install shelving

The multi-purpose system makes it possible for The Fort Worth HOPE Center to continue expansion with more efficient management of storage, upgraded control and security, and lowered maintenance expenses.

The mobile shelving unit rolls up in a tight unit of 30 feet x 18 feet or expands out to 41 Feet x 18 feet

This storage shelving systems is a very valuable asset and will help The Fort Worth HOPE Center meet its growing need for storage.  Simply put, for shelving and racking this is the best storage systems we have ever had, because it makes the most of our space and expands out as needed.

Thank you BNSF Railway for this wonderful donation to help The Fort
Worth HOPE Center optimize our storage space

We appreciate BNSF Railway’s ongoing partnership and people like John Ambler, Joe Faust, Jim Obermiller, and Mitch Starnes who help us accomplish our mission as we Fight Hunger…. Feed HOPE in the DFW Metroplex.

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