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What if you could rewrite someone's story? Help us go back in time to recreate the opportunity for someone to achieve their biggest dreams. With every cookie you buy, you’re giving a family in Fort Worth the chance to go back in time to be the mother, worker, achiever — they’ve always wanted to be. At the Fort Worth Hope Center, we empower people to change their lives through job skills training and educational classes. Our programs make going back in time almost a reality. These cookies aren’t just delicious drops of gooey goodness, they’re means for change in our community. Break time. Lunch time. Fun time. Anytime, make it cookie time.  

Time Confections is an opportunity for people at Fort Worth Hope Center to go back in time and be the person they wanted to be. Through Time Confections, employees will bake cookies, manage the accounts and communicate with different organizations and shops around the Fort Worth area. Proceeds from the cookies go directly toward the Fort Worth Hope Center and helping people get back on their feet.

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